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Secret Smoothy

Advanced Ambrotose® powder (5 teaspoons) – Advanced support for a healthy immune system.

Osolean® powder (10 scoops) – All-natural protein blend that in a clinical study targeted fat loss while sparing lean muscle.

NutriVerus™ powder (10 scoops) – Nutrition the way your body wants it – a whole-food matrix of real vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients and antioxidants

Kefir (1 liter) – A powerful probiotic drinking-style yogurt with a wide range of nutrients and probiotic cultures.

Juice – 100% fruit juice of any flavor or brand.

Directions: Combine all the measured powders into a paper cup. Leave a small amount of juice in its container. Add the powders into the bottle that holds the juice. Shake to mix. Add the Kefir and gently mix again. No blender necessary. Makes five 12-oz servings to last you the whole week.