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Suger content

We all know that sugar really is not good for us, so here is your challenge.

JUST SAY NO… to sugar!

For two weeks, say no to sugar. No white sugar, no brown sugar, no treacle, caramel, castor or icing sugar. No honey either. No added sugar, no sugar in your grocery cupboard, no sugar in the products that you buy from the store (this is a tough one − read your labels!)

If you need to add some sweetness to your life, try xylitol, stevia, truvia or molasses.

It takes about 7-10 days for your tastebuds to renew, so train them to avoid sugar for two weeks, and soon you won’t have a sugar craving.

What about breakfast cerials?

OK people, we know that all 5 are processed and loaded with sugar…here they are in top 5 order of which contain the most sugar per 100g:

  • Corn Flakes — 5g/100g,
  • Rice Krispies — 8g/100g,
  • All Bran — 11g/100g,
  • Futurelife — 15g/100g and
  • Kellogs Special — K 21g/100g serving

and where Futurelife have all these health claims on their packaging, even Rice Krispies has less sugar per 100g… but at least Futurelife gets 10 out of 10 for honesty… they tell you on the box that they use GENETICALLY MODIFIED INGREDIENTS… and this means it is not natural.

Genetically modified seeds create their own pesticides and this is now scientifically proven to pass through your digestive system into your blood stream and attach onto your organs.

I am not saying you should not eat these products… but do your homework about what you are eating. Funny thing is that the healthier a cereal is labelled, the more sugar it contains AND THE MORE YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!

Taken from an article by Eugene Daamen