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Mannatech is more than just another supplement company. They are an industry-leading pioneer of Real Food Technology solutions. Their discoveries in aloe vera saccharide research and glyconutrition have led to groundbreaking products like Ambrotose complex and Advanced Ambrotose. In fact, we have 90 patents worldwide for the technology supporting all our Ambrotose products. Utilising our Real Food Technology solutions, Mannatech is committed to your wellness.

Mannatech’s Science Team is unmatched and has filed more than 90 patents worldwide for the technology behind our Ambrotose® products, guaranteeing you some of the most unique products available in the market.

Mannatech has patents in 33 countries although they currently only operate in 24 countries.  They strongly believe in and vigorously defend our product patents against infringement by other companies.

Our investment of over $50 million in research and product development has paid dividends in bringing real technology to the wellness world. We pride ourselves on having one of the most advanced in-house research and development labs in the industry. Our scientists have pioneered many advancements in the wellness industry, including the groundbreaking discovery of glyconutrients and the development of Real Food Technology®solutions—our method of using plant-based, naturally occurring ingredients to create nutritional supplements.

From research and development to clinical trials, we hold ourselves to the most stringent standards and are so well respected in the industry, we even help train PhD candidates from the University of Texas. Mannatech research is often published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and we also rely on third-party validation to create the most results-based products possible.

You will not find a more experienced and committed team of scientists and researchers strategically aligned to identify and develop high-quality, innovative, proprietary products designed to meet your wellness needs.


  1. Mannatech is a Research and Development company based in Dallas, Texas.
  2. Mannatech is a Public Company listed on NASDAQ and therefore are completely transparent as they are audited quarterly. Mannatech also comply with the regulations of the Federal Trade Commission and the Securities Exchange Commission.
  3. Mannatech was founded in 1994 and have been in business for more than 20 years.
  4. Mannatech has over 90 International Patents and numerous clinical trials with scientific validation on their proprietary technology.
  5. Mannatech offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on their products. If you try their products and are not completely satisfied for any reason, you may return them within 90 days for either an exchange of like products or a refund.
  6. Mannatech market their products though a Direct Selling model and is also part of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The DSA is a professional association that represents and sets high standards for the Network Marketing industry. The DSA has been in existence for over 100 years.
  7. Mannatech has chosen to take on the number one health risk that children face today—malnutrition. By providing nutritional supplements based on Real Food Technology® solutions through our Give for Real℠ “donation through consumption” program, together we can affect the lives of the millions of children suffering from inadequate nutrition.


For twenty years, Mannatech has been experiencing and inspiring breakthroughs. From our finely tuned product line to our generous compensation and (most importantly) our authentic mission: M5M. You can be a part of the next twenty years of success. Join us!

Video: Mannatech 20 Years Strong

As a company of hope, Mannatech believes that our cutting-edge, scientifically validated nutritional products provide one of the greatest opportunities for people throughout the world to help support optimal health and fulfill their dreams.

Founded in 1993, Mannatech is a leading wellness company and a pioneer in the field of proprietary glyconutritional supplements and wellness products. In 1996, the company announced a ground-breaking formulation of a nutritional supplement comprised of a unique blend of plant-based saccharides, which are also known as glyconutrients (‘glyco’ is the Greek word for ‘sweet’).

Medical research acknowledges that certain sugars are needed at the cellular level for optimum cellular function. Considering that most of these sugars are often lacking in modern diets, Mannatech sought new and better sources of the nutrients. The effort culminated in 1996 with the Ambrotose complex.

More than 15 years of research, including in vitro studies, animal studies, human case reports and human clinical studies, suggest that Ambrotose complex may provide a wide range of support for immune system functions. Mannatech now holds more than 90 patents worldwide for technology related to the Ambrotose complex formulation.

Today Mannatech has a list of glyconutritional and wellness products for adults and children that address health and nutrition, sports performance, weight management and skin care.

The Mannatech Story
As a company, Mannatech has told its story in many ways over the past 19 years. From sharing the ways we provide supplementation from real-food sources to our disruptive technology of glyconutrients. Our products have told a story since day one, and that momentum continues.
This impressive booklet tells our story in a most creative, visually appealing way that we’ve never told it before. It showcases everything about Mannatech—our incredible history, the problems we all face today and the opportunities and Real Food Technology® solutions we’ve found. In full color, you will learn the role of nutrients in our bodies, how cells communicate and what happens when things go wrong. Most importantly, browse our entire line of products that encompass our best wellness solutions for you and your family, from health to weight and fitness and skin care.
Our Foundation of Science
Every consumer wants product value and the assurance that they are making a smart purchase. This is especially true when it comes to purchases of dietary supplements. Based on our science, Mannatech has  become a recognised leader in the dietary supplement industry. Working from our in-house labs, our Product Development team actively explores new technologies to develop innovative products that meet the needs of today’s sophisticated consumer.
In the past five years alone, we have invested more than $20 million in research and development, and our Research group continues to collaborate with major universities and research firms around the world to conduct and publish clinical trials and studies on our products and ingredients.
In addition, Mannatech’s Product Safety Monitoring programme—which has been functioning for over 10 years, long before it was required by the FDA—tracks and maintains an extensive database that continues to help ensure the safety of our products. You can trust the science and quality behind Mannatech products and know that our whole team is focused on creating the most results-based products possible
using the most advanced scientific techniques available.
Industry Experts
What is NSF?
Known as The Public Health and Safety Company™, NSF International is:
  • A not-for-profit public health certification organisation
  • The world leader in standards development, product certification, training and education and risk-management for public health and safety
  • The only ANSI-accredited certifier of dietary supplements, functional foods and dietary supplement raw ingredients

NSF verifies that:

  • A product’s label reflects the contents of the supplements
  • All the ingredients are openly disclosed on the label
  • The product meets rigorous purity standards

Additionally, NSF assesses each manufacturing site to ensure it complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). NSF will not certify a product unless the manufacturer meets this rigorous audit.

Is Mannatech a scam?

When you do an internet search on GLYCONUTRIENTS you will find a variety of unscientific and unsubstantiated opinions, rather search for GLYCOMICS or GLYCOBIOLOGY which will give validated scientific information.

In spite of the fact that Mannatech has been doing business for 20 years, there are still people who say that it is a pyramid scheme, or even a scam. If you have come upon any of these negative websites an want answers, then I think this site will help you:
The Mannatech Scam.

Where to find more Information

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