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Mannatech is more than just another supplement company. They are an industry-leading pioneer of Real Food Technology solutions. Their discoveries in aloe vera saccharide research and glyconutrition have led to groundbreaking products like Ambrotose complex and Advanced Ambrotose. In fact, we have 90 patents worldwide for the technology supporting all our Ambrotose products. Utilising our Real Food Technology solutions, Mannatech is committed to your wellness.

Mannatech’s Science Team is unmatched and has filed more than 90 patents worldwide for the technology behind our Ambrotose® products, guaranteeing you some of the most unique products available in the market.

Mannatech has patents in 33 countries although they currently only operate in 24 countries.  They strongly believe in and vigorously defend our product patents against infringement by other companies.

Our investment of over $50 million in research and product development has paid dividends in bringing real technology to the wellness world. We pride ourselves on having one of the most advanced in-house research and development labs in the industry. Our scientists have pioneered many advancements in the wellness industry, including the groundbreaking discovery of glyconutrients and the development of Real Food Technology®solutions—our method of using plant-based, naturally occurring ingredients to create nutritional supplements.

From research and development to clinical trials, we hold ourselves to the most stringent standards and are so well respected in the industry, we even help train PhD candidates from the University of Texas. Mannatech research is often published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and we also rely on third-party validation to create the most results-based products possible.

You will not find a more experienced and committed team of scientists and researchers strategically aligned to identify and develop high-quality, innovative, proprietary products designed to meet your wellness needs.