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Articles on pregnancy

I recommend glyconutrients for pregnancy as a supplement to improve outcomes of the mother and the baby. I have 11 years of experience with glyconutrients and the incredible benefits that have been noted and documented with clinical experience. So much so, that it is mandatory for all my pregnant patients.
These nutrients are so incredible that we would rather deliver pregnant women who are on them rather than not. Therefore, it has been clinically proven that it is safer for the mother and baby to be delivered if the mother is on glyconutrients in the pregnancy.

“Glycoproteins must be incorporated in the diet by both partners. According to Harper’s Biochemistry Textbook, Chapter 56, 24th Edition, the sperm cannot find the egg without these nutrients. The glycoproteins must come from our diets and they are molecules that sit on the surface of all living cells.”

“If there is a problem with sperm count, the man will need L-arginine. This amino acid must be present in the diet, and balanced with the other essential amino acids, for the sperm count to rise.”

L-arganine can be found in the product PLUS – that is why both the man and woman are advised to take Ambrotose (glyconutrients) and PLUS.

In pregnancy we are building a baby and prevention is the key. We want to prevent infections, gestational diabetes, hypertension, yes and cancers, which might occur in pregnancy, such as breast cancers. Do these nutrients “cure” these disease and conditions? NO!! We are simply supplementing food, from God, that was put on this planet for pregnant women to eat, which contain these essential “sugars” that we absolutely DO NOT get in our diets anymore. So to supplement a pregnant woman is the ultimate PREVENTION THERAPY. Since it is food, it is non-toxic at any level and safe in pregnancy. So after 11 years, and 1000′s of mothers, I can safely say that adding these nutraceuticals to the diet, DO IMPROVE OUTCOMES OF MOTHER AND BABY.