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Real nutrition for real kids

They just ate their broccoli, kale and cauliflower. But don’t tell them!
Getting the right foods in their growing bodies never tasted so awesome.

Price: R260 for 11 fruits & vegetables per day for a month (4 MannaBears per day)

When you’re a kid, eating right isn’t always easy. So we created MannaBears supplements-a tasty alternative to today’s refined sugars and other “junk” foods. MannaBears™ are sweet and delicious, yet full of the fruits and vegetables your kids need.

Formulated specifically for children and naturally sweetened, these colourful, chewy, bear-shaped supplements are designed to not only be delicious, but also to support cellular communication, thanks to our unique Ambrotose™ complex included in every serving.

Feel good about the nutrition you give them.

Created to give young people healthy choices, MannaBears chewables provide your kids with:

  • The phytonutritional goodness of 11 different dehydrated fruits and vegetables
  • A source of antioxidants
  • All-natural sweeteners, including cane juice and tapioca syrup
  • Our specially formulated Ambrotose complex
  • A great-tasting alternative designed to help protect cells from free radical damage

Adults love them, too!

Product Focus: Dr Steve Nugent
Let’s face it — kids go for taste, not necessarily nutrition. Mannatech’s MannaBears have been formulated to provide the nutrients of 10 different dehydrated fruits and vegetables to support the nutritional needs of a growing body that are tasty.

Some testimonials

I would just like to give you some feedback on the mannabears, I’m giving them to Tye and I must say his eating pattern has improved and his weight gain is coming along nicely and hardly has being sick. Tye really loves his mannabears.

Mrs Jones
My son is eight years old and found it really hard to concentrate. For the last few years his academic work suffered greatly as he found it difficult to concentrate. I started him on MannaBears in January 2011 and his academic work, particularly in literacy has improved greatly and he can now sit down and read a book for pleasure unaided. I recommend MannaBears as I feel they provide good results.

My girls, 4&5, born with sinus. Since Mannabears only, not even other products, no more green snotties!

No more ear infections with my little baby since eating her MannaBears.

We introduced our children to Mannabears in the middle of winter last year. Since being on Mannabears we have noticed that they no longer crave processed foods, they have been able to fight off colds a lot quicker and have a lot more concentration when it comes to school work. Their moods are also more consistent as well.

My 4yo daughter had been generally unwell, getting sick all the time, having food sensitivities, losing weight… I feel very excited – after one month on MannaBears supplements, she’s happier, healthier, making better food choices and has put on 1kg!
Yay MannaBears!”

My kids have taken these supplements since birth and I wouldn’t let them go a day without them – they get the whole range! In my mind it’s simply a ‘healthy assurance plan’. They stay healthy and if they do get sick it’s a fraction of what their peers at school and daycare experience. They don’t have to miss school and they stay relatively well throughout whatever their immune system is fighting. The NutriVerus is an added bonus – in just 2 weeks, my ‘extreme fussy eater’ is interested in food and trying new things almost daily’. It’s such a blessing!

“The kids are more healthy… and I have more energy!” ~ Jo

The price of MannaBears

Ok, so you say you can’t afford it. That’s understandable, but compare it to your child’s health and what it will cost for sick care. And compare the price of these vegetables at one portion per kid per day: pomegranate, Brussels sprout, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, kale, tomato, turnip, papaya and pineapple and add to that some aloe vera.

Well, this is the price that you will pay for 4 Mannabears a day for a month: R260 plus postage.

And if you want to share this message with your friends, you can eventually get yours for free.

How to order

I can help you register your own account with Mannatech. You order your products online and it is delivered right at your doorstep within a matter of days.

If you only want MannaBears for your kids, you can choose the Basic Associate Registration Pack. For this pack you will pay R335 plus the first registration delivery fee of about R135.

You can then choose your “gift” product, which is 2 x MannaBears.

And you can do this through the following website:

  1. Choose your country. Although Mannatech currently operates in 24 countries, not everyone is shown here. If you are from a country not listed, you will have to call or email us to do the registration for you, or you can fill in the form on this page with the request that we help you further.
  2. Choose Business Opportunity (this is the best option even if you don’t want to do business but just want to use the products).
  3. Select your Enrolment Pack – in this case the Basic Enrolment Pack at the bottom of the list.
  4. Enrol as associate.
  5. Complete the section for your personal information. Remember to select the button that says you are older than 18.
  6. Then set up your account. You will need a credit card account (or Bidvest Savings Account or Capitec) that can be used to purchase overseas.
  7. Check out.
  8. You will receive a confirmation email within minutes.
Benefits for the consumer

As a Mannatech Associate, you will take part in Mannatech’s LOYALTY PROGRAMME where you earn points on your monthly orders and for which you can get FREE products after every third monthly order.

Jody’s Story

I have been asked often to stand on stage and talk about why I am doing the Mannatech business. I find my reason changing often… well not changing… but i just keep finding more and more reasons. One of the reasons why I am doing the Mannatech business:

The other day I spoke to S’bu’s mom and she told me that while they had been in Zimbabwe over the holidays, they had run out of Mannabears.  My first question to her was – did his skin rash return? Her answer was No! Even without the Mannabears… his skin rash did not return.