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Crucial support for your glands.
Because this important control center ultimately influences almost every cell organ and function of your body, making sure it gets the nutrients it needs is a must. Mannatech’s PLUS caplets, can help by keeping this vital system functioning smoothly in a state of equilibrium.

Mannatech’s PLUS caplets don’t contain hormones. Instead, they provide specific nutrients, including plant sterols to support your glands’ natural function.

Natural nutrition your body needs.
And we don’t always eat right, so we can miss out on important nutrients like plant sterols and amino acids that help keep our systems functioning well. That’s why Mannatech developed PLUS caplets—to supply the body with a proprietary blend of specific,
standardized nutrients, including important plant sterols and amino acids that we may not always get on a consistent basis from diet alone.

Amino acids the “building blocks” of proteins 
Did you know that of the 20 amino acids that we all need to survive, the human body produces only 10? We must rely on our diets for the other half, but not all proteins are created equal. Some contain specific amino acids for hormone productions while others do not. And because humans don’t store amino acids in their bodies, we need a steady supply every day.