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Social Entrepreneurship

Our Mission is to fight global malnutrition by nourishing the world with Real Food Technology® supplementation while empowering and rewarding the lives of those who champion our cause.

Our Vision is to impact the global epidemic of childhood malnutrition by linking five million consumers of Real Food Technology supplementation with five million children in need.

Mannatech’s mission statement is more than just carefully crafted words; it guides and filters our values, beliefs, objectives and purpose. The way we see it, our Mission 5 Million (M5M℠ ) identifies the problem we want to solve and how we intend to do it, and our Vision captures how the world will be better when that mission is accomplished.

We hope these words are as inspiring and motivating to you as they are for us, and we hope you’ll help us make Mannatech’s vision a reality, and at the same time taking care of your own health.

The Revolutionary New Business Model for Fighting Global Problems

Social Entrepreneurship combines the cash flow and disruptive technology of a for-profit company with the heart, passion and mission of a not-for-profit entity to create sustainable approaches to many of the world’s biggest problems.

Mannatech has created a new hybrid model of Social Entrepreneurship that provides anyone who choose to help champion our Mission 5 Million vision with the unique opportunity to change their lives by helping us change the world.

Champions are rewarded for helping us link consumers to the needs of the world’s vulnerable children, and for helping to build teams of Champions who are willing to do the same.

We’re linking 5 million consumers to 5 million children in need. You can join us and help change the world, and earn an income along the way. Will you help?

Home business

When you first googled the words ‘Home Business’ you were flooded with thousands of opportunities and plenty of scams in between.

Feeling overwhelmed ,you thought to yourself, “Why don’t I just look for another better paying job …”

Months later you are back again googling the same exact words.

But this time you have to start as your situation has become more dire. You have to make an extra few thousand each month.

We want to help you cut throught the clutter and find the fit that works for you.

Five important things you need to consider before joining any business

Do their values fit in with your values?
Do they seem legit?
What is their online reputation?
How long have they been doing business?

Would you use the products yourself?
Are you excited/passionate about the products?
Can you see yourself promoting it for at least 5 years?
Do the company have patents on their products?

What kind of Leadership/Mentors will you have access to?
What is their values?
What are their successes?

What sort of training will you have access to?
Has this type of training given success to others?
Is the training up to date?
Is it ethical?

Will your leaders be there to support you every step of the way?
Will they be able to do 3-way calls with you?
Do you have access to a group of leaders you can ask questions from?

You see, starting a business is not just about the product or the company, but the who is there to help you grow and succeed. The training you will receive can either grow or hurt your business.

We want to see you succeed, and if what you are currently doing is not getting you results, or you lack the proper mentors and training to help you grow your business, we want to invite you to look at what we are doing at  Mannatech in South Africa as well as in the 23 other countries they are operating in.

It is our mission to see families get out of debt, create more memories and build a bigger life! Mannatech Social Entrepreneurship opportunity has a number of leaders who are eager to teach you what has worked for them.

A few quotes from Don Partridge, Platinum Presidential at Mannatech for 20 years

“Everyone thinks they need some particular thing, and you can’t always satisfy them or convince them they can make it without it. But if you personally live by the decision ‘Failure is not an option’, you will no longer be forced to accept the excuses others give you. Just do it yourself and be an example. It can be done! When you know there is no excuse in the world that can really prevent you from making it, you will be able to convince them they can do it anyway!

“There is a way for any of us to have success if we will get out of our old limits and fears of what others will think. Even if it feels awkward, we need to use our creativity, see ourselves as able and powerful, do that which we fear most and step out in faith, knowing ‘f it is possible for others, it has to be possible for me!’

“Once they quit worrying about what people think of them or how they are doing and focus on what another person needs, they will have the servant attitude that can handle the wealth and responsibility that will come. Network Marketing [and especially Social Entrepreneurship] is a people business unlike any other business. It won’t work by mass mail or ads. It only works and lasts when you involve yourself with others. This will force you to change and grow as you are shaped by those you seek to serve.

“Some people won’t do this until they are desperate. Their fear of potential pain at trying something new or different is so strong that it keeps them from acting. Not until they become so aware of the hopeless situation they’re in— fed up with the trap of being comfortable now, enough to just get by—do they see that it will be more painful to stay where they are than to risk making changes.”

Financial wellness

It’s a fact that many people are looking for an extra income, especially mothers with young children are looking for a home-based business so that they can stay at home to raise their children themselves, or do home-schooling for their children while they earn an income. 

A Richer Quality of Life for You

We discovered early on that as people tried our products, they couldn’t stop talking about them. So we created a few simple avenues to make it easy and profitable to do just that.

Mannatech welcomes anyone to become an Associate and reap impressive rewards for referring our products to people they know.

When you become an independent Mannatech associate you represent the products and earn a commission based on the volume of products sold through your own independent business. Your job is to educate people about the benefits of the products and/or the business opportunity. You help them set up their own accounts with the company, who delivers the products straight to their doorstep. You don’t have to buy and sell any products or keep any stock.

When you go to dischem or clicks with all those shelves full of supplements. How do you know which product to buy? The company producing those product may advertise on television, radio or newspaper, “selling” you on its benefits. Companies, like Mannatech, who use the network marketing approach have the same objective — to sell their products and get a bigger turnover. However, instead of spending money on advertising, they put that money into a compensation plan to pay their independent associates for educating the customer in a personal way. This may result in a more informed consumer and one who, if they like the product, will stay loyal.

The best, however, is that each associate become a product of the product. They must be able to share the experience they or their family had with the products.

I had been in a few MLM companies during the 1990′s, and then I joined Mannatech and went to the convention in Dallas, Texas. In the convention center I was looking at all of the people that were there, and I noticed something that I thought was very strange…
I seemed to be the youngest one there… and given the fact that I was 48 at the time,
I couldn’t believe that all the old people were there because they wanted to build a business, after asking several older associates why they were there, it seems that they were not intending to build a business, they just told a few friends about the products and they tried them, and they told a few friends and before they knew it, they were getting checks that kept growing every month… it was then that they started thinking maybe this could be a little business to help supplement their social security check!!!! (Mark)

Loyalty is the key to a successful small business, therefore Mannatech also gives all their associates free products in the Loyalty Programme.

Mannatech has become so much more than just another nutrition company or another network or direct sales company. Publicly traded since 1999, Mannatech has become the industry-leading pioneer of Real Food Technology® supplements with real scientific validation. And now, through the Give for RealSM programme they offer their associates an unprecedented opportunity to turn their daily routine into an amazing legacy.

Success Stories

Reach for the stars. People just like you have made it happen with one-of-a-kind products they believe in and an unmatched business opportunity. We want you to set your goals high, and we’ll help you get there. And you can feel better knowing that, in the process, you helped enrich your life and the lives of others.

Explosive Growth and World-Class Products: The Perfect Chemistry for Success

This is an exciting time to get involved with wellness. The industry is exploding with opportunity.  Doctors, industry experts and the general public have shifted their views from treatment to prevention and proactively providing our bodies with what they need to stay healthy. Between 2002 and 2007, the wellness industry grew 150% from $200 billion to $500 billion annually. Mannatech is leading the charge in offering a suite of natural, plant-based nutritional products to help you and your loved ones enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

Mannatech’s social entrepreneur opportunity is a new strategy for allowing each of us to take personal responsibility for our health and finances while helping to change the world.

While about 90% of the users of Mannatech’s products are not interested in the business part, the business builders help them to at least get their products for free.

Tax benefits

Who pays the most income tax?  Those people who are in a traditional J.O.B. They can deduct almost nothing.

Small home-based business owners understand what it’s like to be your own boss and know how to take advantage of the benefits of owning their own businesses, especially tax advantages.

Your cell phone becomes a deduction, as well as your internet service provider fee. So do your travel expenses to anywhere in the world where your company does business. Your clothes that you need for meeting with new customers.

Check with your accountant for all of the many tax benefits of owning your own
home-based business.