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Home business

When you first googled the words ‘Home Business’ you were flooded with thousands of opportunities and plenty of scams in between.

Feeling overwhelmed ,you thought to yourself, “Why don’t I just look for another better paying job …”

Months later you are back again googling the same exact words.

But this time you have to start as your situation has become more dire. You have to make an extra few thousand each month.

We want to help you cut throught the clutter and find the fit that works for you.

Five important things you need to consider before joining any business

Do their values fit in with your values?
Do they seem legit?
What is their online reputation?
How long have they been doing business?

Would you use the products yourself?
Are you excited/passionate about the products?
Can you see yourself promoting it for at least 5 years?
Do the company have patents on their products?

What kind of Leadership/Mentors will you have access to?
What is their values?
What are their successes?

What sort of training will you have access to?
Has this type of training given success to others?
Is the training up to date?
Is it ethical?

Will your leaders be there to support you every step of the way?
Will they be able to do 3-way calls with you?
Do you have access to a group of leaders you can ask questions from?

You see, starting a business is not just about the product or the company, but the who is there to help you grow and succeed. The training you will receive can either grow or hurt your business.

We want to see you succeed, and if what you are currently doing is not getting you results, or you lack the proper mentors and training to help you grow your business, we want to invite you to look at what we are doing at  Mannatech in South Africa as well as in the 23 other countries they are operating in.

It is our mission to see families get out of debt, create more memories and build a bigger life! Mannatech Social Entrepreneurship opportunity has a number of leaders who are eager to teach you what has worked for them.

A few quotes from Don Partridge, Platinum Presidential at Mannatech for 20 years

“Everyone thinks they need some particular thing, and you can’t always satisfy them or convince them they can make it without it. But if you personally live by the decision ‘Failure is not an option’, you will no longer be forced to accept the excuses others give you. Just do it yourself and be an example. It can be done! When you know there is no excuse in the world that can really prevent you from making it, you will be able to convince them they can do it anyway!

“There is a way for any of us to have success if we will get out of our old limits and fears of what others will think. Even if it feels awkward, we need to use our creativity, see ourselves as able and powerful, do that which we fear most and step out in faith, knowing ‘f it is possible for others, it has to be possible for me!’

“Once they quit worrying about what people think of them or how they are doing and focus on what another person needs, they will have the servant attitude that can handle the wealth and responsibility that will come. Network Marketing [and especially Social Entrepreneurship] is a people business unlike any other business. It won’t work by mass mail or ads. It only works and lasts when you involve yourself with others. This will force you to change and grow as you are shaped by those you seek to serve.

“Some people won’t do this until they are desperate. Their fear of potential pain at trying something new or different is so strong that it keeps them from acting. Not until they become so aware of the hopeless situation they’re in— fed up with the trap of being comfortable now, enough to just get by—do they see that it will be more painful to stay where they are than to risk making changes.”