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Feel the difference SPORT capsules can make!

Every day our bodies use carbohydrates as energy. The more active you are, the more you use! If you commonly watch your carb intake, you may experience a “crash” at the end of your workout.

SPORT capsules use a proprietary blend of plant sterols from wild yams, herbs and herb extracts to help support your carbohydrate utilisation and also help maintain your blood sugar levels.

SPORT helps maintain existing normal blood sugar levels and support carbohydrate utilisation.

Try taking SPORT immediately after exercise and experience the difference that SPORT capsules can make!

Some Testimonials

Just wanted to say how amazing these products are. I am currently training for a half marathon (21.1 km). Never done anything like this before. I always thought, “Why run that far, it’s quicker to drive”. Yesterday I did 22 km. I have been taking the 5 core products for about a year which were great, but for training I added the Empact, Sports and Phytoburst [Nutritional Chews]. Absolutely amazing. I use the Phytoburst instead of glucose chews and gels. So I take them throughout my run, 2 about every 5 km. Not only do I have good training runs, but my recovery is fantastic. No pain, stiffness and only slight fatigue later in the day. I used to be ready for a big sleep 30 mins after an 8 km run. I got up this morning and can’t even tell that I did a big run yesterday. I failed to mention that after those big runs I go to church and sing for 1.5 hrs. Awesome is all I can say.

Matt Levy
Matt Levy, three-time Australian paralympic swimmer and two-time gold medalist. 

“Since taking Mannatech’s products, especially the sports range, I have seen my performance sharpen in training and competition and my recovery improve. I strongly believe that these are one of the best vitamin and supplement ranges on the market because they are completely sourced from real food and plant ingredients making them 100% natural”.

At just 23 years of age his sporting accomplishments are more representative of an athlete many years his senior. Coming off a gold medal win in the medley relay at the Beijing Olympics Matt has continued his winning form. He qualified for a place in Australia’s team for the 2010 world championships, held in Holland. Matthew, now a World Champion, continues to be a Team Mannatech favourite. His popularity is not limited to just Mannatech it seems however as he is constantly making news all over Australia including a feature article in the Manly Daily outlining his unbelievable sporting achievements and extraordinary inspirational personal life. Never stop believing!

I whacked my ankle years ago while camping. I took 2 Sport every couple hours throughout the night and woke up to a totally healthy ankle with full range of motion. Without the Sport, I doubt if I would have been able to walk for several days. A friend of mine was in car accident; she took Sport immediately and came away without aches or pains. She considered that to be a miracle too! This is another incredible product.

I discovered SPORT 19 years ago and now take it with me whenever I know I’m going to be “pushing my limits”! Regardless of whether I’ve overdone things with a chain saw, climbing a mountain, or something less dramatic, when I’m beat, SPORT will change it. Sometimes I’ll take as much as 6 to 8 at once when I’ve really exhausted myself.

I’ve noticed a notable difference in reduced soreness and muscle recovery after intense workouts with SPORT.

I ALWAYS carry some SPORT in my handbag in a small pill box. Emergency ‘top-up’ whilst shopping. Grab some water at the closest kiosk in the shopping centre. Gulp!!!

I love my Sport, I am a landscaper and some days it gets quite grueling, particularly in the spring when I am not up to par yet. After a hard day, three or four Sport gives me fast recovery, painfree evening and I am set to go the next morning!

I love SPORT – couldn’t cope so well without it – I always use it before driving any distance, before and after walks and in the park with my dog, before I go dancing. I have arthritis and pain – but using SPORT means I don’t miss out on the fun things I love to do.

I love Sport. I just moved to a new home, and at age 64, I was amazed when I could work so many hours AND feel so great the following days!

I hurt my hamstring muscle and have back issues . I just started this product amazing results.